The Rollmann trademark was established 20 years ago by the Rollmann family, one of the biggest men’s fashion producers in Germany. Rollmann concentrates on a line for men with established taste and a flair for elegance. The brand is focused on the quality and the tiny elements that make a product unique and stylish.

     The brand’s product line comprises of suits, shirts, ties, sweaters, coats, shoes and leather accessories. Flowing simple style, unobtrusive but impeccable details, beautiful colours and high quality materials are the signature of the Rollmann production.

    The brand applies strict design and quality control standards in order to manufacture products competitive to the ones of other worldwide brands from its caliber. Each season, the Rollmann design team creates a concept regarding the next season’s collection in tune with the future fashion trends. Afterwards, aided by the last software and production technologies, prototypes of the various garment models are created before the final production is ready to begin.

    Every Rollmann’s collection is subject to the life philosophy that clothes should compliment the personal style of our clients while at the same time display the characteristic features of the brand. For this reason each collection is divided in several sub-labels.

       Rollmann Attitude is for the man with a dynamic lifestyle. Suitable to be worn from day to evening, the clothes are carefully sellected and appropriate to be worn at a wide variety of occasions.

       Red is for the man, who is conscious of the fashion trends. Under this label you can find bolder colours, more daring silhouettes and details, specific to this sub-label.

       Exclusive is the label under which you can find the highest class garments featured each season. Created to deliver an outstanding sensation while worn, these products are manufactured from exclusive fabrics and are suitable to be worn at special occasions.

       Corporate is also a part of the company’s product portfolio. It is intended to cater for the needs of larger in size companies with a distinguished image and company identity.

   Rollmann’s style is a skilfull combination of tradition, elegance and practicality, which makes the brand’s garments an ideal compliment to the fast paced day of the contemporary gentleman.

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